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I decided to check out Sultan II today. It's apparently pretty new, and it's a Turkish fast food place, a spin-off of some place on the upper east side called Sultan (surprise surprise). I had a chicken doner sandwich - basically a bread pocket (like a pita) filled with sliced chicken, and topped with a salad more or less - lettuce and some veggies and tomatoes, and then with "white sauce" and/or "hot sauce". Reminds me of the pigeon-wagon we used to eat at back when I worked at THINC, except a respectable restaurant rather than a dubious-looking food cart. :)

It was pretty good. Messy, though, pieces kept falling out. And a bit expensive - that plus a 20 oz bottle of coke was around $7.50. Still, nice for a change of pace. Better than the Subway sandwich I was considering otherwise.

There's a Daikichi Sushi nearby, but their inari sushi's kinda lame and that's the only kind of sushi I eat. (I don't eat raw fish.) They do, however, have Sapporo Ichiban noodle cups, which I hadn't even realized existed. Last week I had a plate of inari sushi and a SI cup and that wasn't half bad, although neither was as good as I was hoping.

There's also McDonald's, of course. And some expensive, trendy places that are beyond my meager sys-admin-salary means. (Ok, that's sarcasm, but they ARE more expensive than I'm willing to pay on a daily basis. Maybe for a treat once in a while. But they look too trendy anyway, bastards.) Or delis, for sandwiches, or pizza. I've been wanting Indian food but I don't know any cheap Indian places nearby, unfortunately. Some Chinese or Thai would be nice too, but at least when I go down to the colo facility I can get that in Chinatown, which is better than any local place would be anyway. :)

Ah well.

Nice, relaxing day today. Feel like I should've accomplished more, though. Oh well. Life is tough sometimes. And I'm still am a bit sleep deprived.

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