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Guilty pleasures

I'm watching my second-ever episode of the newish series She-Spies. You know a show is considered bad when it's airing for "real" at 12:05 on a Sunday night. Still, what might surprise you is that I actually enjoyed the episode last week, and I think I might just enjoy the show in general.

For those of you not in the know, She-Spies is sort of a modern-day ripoff of Charlie's Angels - both the tv show and the movie. The show's about 3 women, criminals who are given a "last chance" by making them into spies - if they do well at their jobs, they'll be excused of all former crimes, blah blah blah. They have a boss-guy who gives them their missions and keeps an eye on them, but who's a bit of a bumbling idiot.

The plots are pathetic, the acting bad, the writing cheesy, the fight scenes appalling - but, where I said "cheesy", I mean funny and surprisingly clever, but cheesy. So far this episode today, they threw a surprise party for one of the chicks, who kicked the crap out of a few people before realizing it was a surprise party. Fine, whatever. But earlier, the bumbling boss brought out a truly horrendously decorated cake, and made a comment about it being a post-modern design. Then he looked at their expressions and looked at it again and said, "I could go pre-modern." That made me giggle. There've been much better lines, but I can't really remember them - my memory's not so great for things like that. (I'm also not paying enough attention to remember anything, really.) The show makes no attempt to be serious at all, consistently poking as much fun at itself as every other spy/action/chick show, and ends up being really funny, if you can get past the cheese factor.

See, that's where they get it right - it knows it can't pull off the topic seriously, so it makes no attempt to - and in doing that actually manages to be fairly well done.

So yeah, there's my latest guilty pleasure. The other nice thing is that it's a light enough show that I can, say, post to LJ, pay my bills, etc. etc. etc. and not feel like I'm missing anything. Maybe if I really watched it my opinion of it would be lower, but whatever, it works for me. ;)

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