ntang (ntang) wrote,

Halloween at work

I guess I must work at the most boring company in the world, because I seem to be the only person here who isn't surrounded by people all dressed up in costumes or having celebrations or whate'er else. We're just sittin' here, working.

No costume contest.
No cakes.
No candy.
No party favors or door prizes or other giveaways.
No random ghosts or ghouls or Bushes wandering the hallways.

And honestly? I kinda like it. Yeah, maybe we're all party poopers, but whatever. I hate it when I feel pressured to do that whole blah blah blah holiday festivities blah blah blah bit. So it's nice that there's 0 pressure here to do that. But it did surprise me a bit, I'm not entirely sure why there's nothing going on. My guess is that the company's divided into a few groups: those who're too cool for school, and won't dress up, those who are utter geeks and won't dress up, and those who're focused on business business business, and won't dress up. Ok, and those who might've dressed up if anyone else was going to join them, but I'd say they're in the minority. Pretty weird, though, not even a single visual reminder of what today was - if I hadn't read so many Halloweeny posts here on LJ I'd practically have forgotten.

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