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Birds of Prey: Prey for the Hunter

Ok, so this might have some spoilers, but really, you'll enjoy me talking about it more than you'll enjoy watching it. Regardless, I realize that most of you aren't dorks who watch this show or have any interest in it, so I'm lj-cut'ing it anyhoo.

Oh God, where to start. Every time I think this series has a chance of not sucking, they blast my hopes to smithereens.

Ok, I don't remember most of the details of yesterday's show, because it sucked. I think "Slick"* must have been a mistake; whoever from WB saw it must have written "Suck" on the cover but they misinterpreted as Slick*, and thus, a shitty episode was born.

[Update: the title is "Prey for the Hunter". Awesome title. Sigh.]

In Slick Prey for the Hunter, a dangerous new metahuman (woooooo) has entered the streets of New Gotham (I know people have asked it before, but I'll ask it again: New? Why New?) and guess what, only the Birds of Prey can stop it. Him, specifically.

The episode starts with Huntress (the ever delectable Ashley Scott) kicking some guy's ass and saving some poor muggee; then the mugger spits acid at her, so she kicks the crap out of him for ruining her jacket and throws him over a dumpster. He then proceeds to get thrown back over, with a large acid-filled hole eating into him. Oh my gawrsh, he was killed with his own power!

Next (well, close enough) Reese, the dumb cop who Huntress is falling for, meets his new partner, who has transferred from some other stupid town because he's chasing the "weird". Long story short, as I realized where the episode was going to go right then and there: he's the bad guy. His power is to take on the powers of other metahumans, who he views as freaks he's got to exterminate in order to be normal himself. (He also gets headaches whenever one is close enough for him to steal their powers. Amusingly enough, I also predicted, after finding that out, exactly how they would beat him later in the show. At that point, the show became nothing but an excuse to watch the Huntress prance around in tight leather. Oh wait, it wasn't much more than that in the first place.)

The upside: they've definitely gotten rid of her (the Huntress) terrible episode one leather lingere plus cape look, and replaced it with stuff that, while still not terribly practical, at least doesn't look as tacky nor is it quite as blatantly revealing. (Hey, she's good looking, but I prefer a little class, even if it does mean giving up a little cleavage.)

The downside: every other aspect of the show has gotten worse this week. Last week's episode, while fairly weak, at least had more potential than week one. Now, on week three, we've sunk to an all new low. Who writes this crap? And how can they look themselves in the mirror? And who directs this crap?

Here's one continuing gripe: they totally overdo the computer graphics. They look cheap and fake and contribute to the whole show's appearance of suckiness. There's not a huge difference, often, between a show that's interesting and feels "good" and a show that's annoying and feels "cheap", and the difference is often just in the details. Get a clue, WB, and get rid of the cheap rendered flybys of "New Gotham". Have I asked why it's New? Oh yeah, I have. Jesus, just do like on Smallville, and modify some real buildings so they look right. Then you could even just reuse the same shot every episode, at least it would look REAL and not so bloody fake.

So the long and the short of it is: he (bad cop) and Huntress fight, they come to a stalemate, but she goes after him again rather than let him keep killing "her people". Reese and the Huntress have a falling out as Reese listens to the bad cop's propaganda and calls her a "meta... thing". Oracle has another run in with Wade, her teacher and love interest, and goes to dinner with his parents (off-camera). We learn they call her a legless freak, or something about there. She acts like a total idiot, again. We're introduced to the metahuman underground, which is actually a bar and pool hall you get to via a secret passage. Shades of Harry Potter's introduction to Diagon Alley scene from the movie. We find out that Dinah doesn't like high school as she's treated like a freak (and Huntress points out that High School is "as close as this country has to institutionalized torture", which was amusing for a second) so she plays hookey and hangs out at the meta-bar. Huntress goes on a rampage, fights the bad cop again who is with Reese, Reese is shot in the arm, Huntress runs away, bad cop chases, big fight culminating with them on a ledge and Huntress about to pull them both to their doom, and finally the other metas figure it out and they all come out and his ensuing headache from so many metas and (maybe?) the realization that there are so many causes him to commit suicide by jumping. Huntress visits Reese in the hospital, still refuses to tell her name since he called her a thing but they start to patch things up a bit, and then we get the same insipid closing scene we've had at the end of every other episode: the three chicks standing on the ledge of their clocktower hideout, talking about what they learned today.

Note to WB: we don't need to have the moral force-fed to us at the end of every episode, that's just tacky.

Also: get a new camera angle, using that same frontward-looking shot of them to end every episode is shite. Just like the rest of the directing on the show.

Overall rating: 2/10 (one point for each of the Huntress's... uh... eyes.)

* - I just realized: they made a mistake on the site. Slick was last week's episode, the best of the three so far. I'll update this post with the real name when I figure it out. Feh.
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