ntang (ntang) wrote,

The ABC's of complaints

A is for aaugh or aarghh or aiya or ach
B is for bleh or blarg or blerg or bah or bollocks
C is for crap or crikey or ciminey or crud or crikey
D is for damnit or darnit or dawgonnit or d'oh
E is for eugh or eh
F is for fuck or feh or fark or fsck
G is for glah or gah or guh or goddamnitall
H is for hell or heck or hurk
I is for ick or iii
J is for jesus or jeez
K is for kiss off or keeee-rist
L is for lame or lordy
M is for merde or man (as in, "Aw, man!")
N is for no or nuts or nngh
O is for och or omigod
P is for piss or phaugh or perhaps pah
Q is for qurap (for our Muslim friends)
R is for rah or rurgh
S is for shit or shite or sheesh
T is for
U is for urg or urgh or ugh
V is for verdamnt
W is for waarg! (Yay for orks!)
X is for
Y is for yick or yuck or yeesh or yow or youch
Z is for zoinks or zounds

Feel free to submit more, and I'll update it as I get suggestions. I know, I know, some of them are weak, and hey, some of them are non-existant. Hey, it was a spur of the moment idea!

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