ntang (ntang) wrote,

Birds of Prey

So I finally got around to seeing Birds of Prey last night ("What? How?" you ask. Easy, it's called a VCR, people.). It was a slight disappointment - only slight, though, since I wasn't expecting much from it, and it more or less delivered that - i.e., not much.

Birds of Prey is about three heroines in the DC universe, and actually has a basis in the comics, although warped and twisted enough that I'm just going to ignore that. They're also doing horrible things to the timeline, since it's apparently (judging by a comment or two about meteor rocks) set at the same time as Smallville. Why is this bad? Well, it means Batman will have retired before Superman even dons his cape, as in Smallville Clark (aka Supes) is still a teenager in high school.

Anyways, the three chicks are Oracle, aka Barbara Gordon, aka the former Batgirl, aka the daughter of our dearly beloved Commisioner Gordon (Captain Gordon when Batman first moved in, I believe). She's been crippled and so is the brains of the operation, working with a shitload of high tech equipment compliments of the Wayne Foundation (Bruce Wayne, aka Batman's, cash, in other words). Her partner in crime (or rather in anti-crime) is the Huntress, the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, Helena Kyle. The Huntress is one of those characters that's a bit difficult to bring over anyways, since she had 2 incarnations in the DC universe, one of which was in an alternate reality, and is the one they've based this character off of (!!!). So, er, yeah. Finally, the last one doesn't have a codename yet, is a lil' blond chick who has psychic powers, and who I think is supposed to be the Black Canary, except a 16 year old version of her that doesn't bear a lot of resemblance to her. Yeah, ok.

So the show was ok. It was very dark and neony, which sucks. That sort of high-tech, dirty city, lots of neon and odd lighting works in a big-budget movie, but looks terrible in a tv show. Smallville is successful in part because of the fact that it doesn't look like it's trying to be another cheap Xenariffic comic book adaptation for the television; it's use of CG is fairly minimal (basically only for his powers and such) and takes place pretty much entirely in real-world sorts of settings. BoP looks heavily computer generated and looks much too much like a comic book, which I thnk was a terrible mistake in terms of style. The city doesn't always have to be dark and foreboding and rainy and damp and dirty, even in a Batman-type of show. They don't have the money to make a Batman movie on the small screen, so don't try - use what you've got. Hopefully it'll improve.

The acting, plotting, writing and such were all passable at best, which is also disappointing as Smallville was surprisingly good in all of those ways. The action scenes were limited and not bad, but every show on the WB and UPN and Fox does stuff like that on a regular basis.

I dunno, I'm rambling. Overall it has potential but isn't looking that good to start off with. The actresses are cute, though, which means at least you get some eye candy for now, and they're older than the ones in Smallville so you don't have to worry about feeling like a child molestor for watching this show.

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