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Oh my God.

I just saw one of the ugliest Giants games ever, or at least in recent history. They lost 21-7 to the Cardinals. Losing to the Cards at all was disappointing, but to lose in such a big way - and looking so awful - was depressing.

The Giants came out big, scored on their first possession, looked pretty good. Then they slowed down, relaxed a bit, but still looked ok - but they started making mistakes, getting penalties, letting down their guard. Collins throws an interception, takes the wind out of their sails a bit.

The defense, as usual, rallies and shuts down the Cards, again and again, making up for the interception and general sloppiness. But then... inexplicably, with the half almost over, the Giants coaches call a sideline pass instead of taking a knee (or taking a safer play), it's picked off (as Collins inexplicably throws it when Barber wasn't really open) and the Cards score. Suddenly, the game is tied as they go into the locker room, and the entire momentum has shifted.

Ok, ok, that's fine. Come back out and play hard, right? Well, the Cards did. Even so, the Giants defense shuts them down time and time again. The offense steps up a few times, and every time they do it's pulled back with a penalty - several of which were questionable, at best. The play most indicative of this: Collins steps up, makes a gorgeous pass to Dixon who runs it in for a touchdown - a seventy-six yard play - and they're pulled back on a holding call. The thing is, the guy it was called against wasn't holding the other guy - in fact HIS ARMS WERE UP IN THE AIR when they called it.

The Cards definitely played harder and with more heart than the Giants today, but I have to say, it's really, really demoralizing to play and have all of your best plays called back thanks to bad calls by the refs, and to watch a team you know isn't nearly as good as you continue to make plays against you, half of the time when it's not even your fault. On the other side, the Giants defense had a few key penalties called, again that were very questionable.

So the end result: the Giants played sloppy, made mistakes, and were screwed by the refs to top it off - Cards 21, Giants 7. That really fucking sucked.

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