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Hmmm. (Mailing list idiots part 3)

At this point it's simply getting pointless. This'll be my last post, as it was my last reply, and once again, I'm lj-cutting it for his and her pleasure.

On Fri, 2002-09-27 at 12:52, R. L. wrote:
> Note: This is not very user friendly. I would place the word "unsubscribe"
> on the top of the site and not in options. Working people haven't as much
> time as you and not the desire to read your "great" site completely. There
> are some designing & navigation things to consider after you design a useful
> web site.

I said it before, and I'll repeat it: I am not affiliated with the
gnome-2-snapshots list in any way, shape, or form, EXCEPT as a
subscriber.  Specifically, I'm a subscriber who is sick to death of
idiots spamming the entire list due to their own incompetence (that'd be
you).  See, I'm a working person who loses time out of my day thanks to
people like you.

The end result is this: if you had spent the 2 minutes it takes to read
through the page, (or in my case it took me around 20 seconds to find
it, but you probably don't skim that quickly), you'd have found your
answer and you'd have gotten what you needed.  Is the site designed
poorly?  Maybe.  But you're also apparently an idiot, which doesn't
help, and no site can be completely idiot-proof.

> I sent a mail to the person who "manages" the list for about three times to
> unsubscribe me. He did nothig.

Well, that's rough, and I feel for you.  However, involving the entire
subscriber base in your personal dispute with the list admin (over an
issue which, had you actually read the instructions and followed them in
the first place, wouldn't have been an issue in the first place) is both
immature and obnoxious.  Why should I have to get emails like that
because you can't be bothered to read the page it tells you to read?
That's not my fault.

In fact... you know... well, gosh, if people like you stopped spamming
mailing lists, there'd be a lot more time in the day to spend doing
things like reading the mailing list unsubscribe page (which,
incidentally, is running off of mailman, the software which runs
thousands of lists on the 'net... so learning how to use that interface
would help you in many futher mailing list adventures down the road,
it's not as if it's a custom interface for that one) or even (*gasp*)
getting on with life.

So, in summary: this is your fault, you acted poorly, please don't do it
again, I'm tired of taking about this now, have a nice day, the end.

Yours Truly,
Nicholas Tang

Anyways, that's that. I just had to see that one through to the end. If I can convince even one idiot to go away and stop bothering people on mailing lists, then I'll have done some good and I can sleep easy tonight.

I suppose you could argue I'm one of the people that scares newbies away and makes the internet a hostile environment for the clueless, and I have to say, well, yeah, I can be. I'm only overtly unpleasant to the people who are clueless and blame it on other people; people who admit their mistakes and learn from them are fine with me, and I've helped many a newbie in my time. What bothers me about this idiot is that he's so aggressively stupid; he fucked up, he should've just said "Oops, sorry, didn't see it, I'm an idiot for spamming the entire list." and been done with it.

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