ntang (ntang) wrote,

My new favorite site... (pause for groans)


"CitizenSAFE is a security, safety, and survival oriented store that currently offers a growing variety of high quality products to help you prepare for today and for the future."

Like this, the K-Armored Ballistic Protection 4x8 Foot Panels

" Mil/UL/NIJ Std: 3 Shots FPED Marines fired almost 70 rounds into only 5" X 5" (125 X 125 mm); many rounds going on top of each other in the same hole. Result was no penetration, no ricochet, no failure, complete protection from bullets, blast debris and spam from fifteen (15) feet"

Not only will it stop rampaging armies, it will also (as an added bonus!) stop rampaging british comedians. SWEET.

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