ntang (ntang) wrote,


Getting stuff done finally. Need to go pick up my 1 year old soon, since my wife is too sick to bring him back here. Sigh. Nothing like a 4 hour side trip* to ruin any chances of getting anything useful done today. Woot.

* - I've never been there before, so I have no idea how long it actually takes, but I've heard (from her) it's a four hour round trip. Or maybe she said it was longer. I forget. I'm still a little unsure on the "whys" of her choice to move out there. Wotevah. Baaaalaaagggghhhhhhheerrhghhhhrhhh**...

** (Update) - Can you believe Baaaalaaagggghhhhhhheerrhghhhhrhhh isn't in the spell-checker's dictionary? LAME.

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