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Forbidden Thoughts: readers answer

(Hehe, I love that subject. I'm all pretending this is actually something that people read, like a magazine or whatever. Woo. I've been talking like a Valley Girl recently. Hmmmm.... wonder why.)

Anyways, I didn't get many responses which I found a bit disappointing. I guess you people don't trust me with your deepest, darkest, un-PC thoughts. DAMN YOU.

The responses I did get weren't particularly shocking. One thing I did find interesting is that 3 separate people found themselves thinking that the US got what was coming to it (more on that later). I've decided to keep them all anonymous just to make it simple, and in case anyone changes their mind.

"none, but i refused to donate blood"
"I think the US quite deserved 9/11. Sorry, I really do."
"When i watched it on tv I didn't really comprehend it. I ran into work and went up to a co-worker and was like "did you see what happened in NY?" I was kinda.. like.. had an endorphine rush and was excited. I felt bad about it when i knew ppl died."
"My friend called me on the 11th and said that she wasn't going to work that day - she was afraid of being in a building. I said, "Christ! You work in a single-story strip mall in rural Nebraska! Can you even see it from the air?""
"9/11: the great way I got 2 weeks off with pay & no deduction from my vacation time!"
"America deserved it. They've behaved like bullies and taken a moral highground that wasn't theirs and this is their come-upance. They've backed repressive regimes, trained terrorists, funded the IRA and abused a position of power. Karma was enacted."
"When the horror was almost gone, I thought that "they (meaning the US) deserved it with their actions in the Middle East" and in other places, where they showed agression."

(There was also a long, long rant from irnbruise in the comments to that post... read here. :) )

I thought a few, myself, I suppose. One thing I remember thinking a week or so after the event was that after what happened, I might finally be able to afford to move into Manhattan, and that'd be really cool if it happened. I also found myself wishing I had been more directly involved, maybe even been in one of the towers, so I could've experienced it first-hand, and to be honest, because the stories are always better when you're in them.

So, I'm going to say one other thing: I understand why people say the US deserved what happened, but what I have to say is this: maybe the country did, as some theoretical and nebulous concept, but the people... they didn't. I don't think any less of anyone for having felt that way, but it was just a little too up-close and personal for me to be able to feel that way. I was in the buildings hundreds of times. I saw the towers burn and fall with my own eyes. I saw bloodied people - and corpses - hauled away. I saw the devestation and destruction and felt the fear of knowing I had friends who might be dead in there and the relief when I found out later they miraculously survived. I can't personally see it as a random military or terrorist action against a country, so I can't see it as anything other than a horrible mass murder that never should've happened. The "they" that were punished weren't a country - it was thousands upon thousands of individuals, their families, their friends, their neighbors, their coworkers... I dunno.

Anyways, I'm done, and getting down off of my soapbox. I realize hundreds and thousands of people die every day across the world in a lot of pretty damn horrible ways. I'm not saying this is any worse than that, but by the same token I don't think it's any better.

Thanks, everyone that "played". Anyone who hasn't taken part, feel free to jump in now. Anyone that wants to comment, feel free, but please: keep it civil.

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