ntang (ntang) wrote,


Let me set the scene: The CEO's dog was wandering around our desks in the back. Our windows are open, as the AC is dead on our floor.

(14:19:17) GeekoRoamin: open window... wandering dog... so tempting
(14:19:24) ebess: easy, easy....
(14:19:38) GeekoRoamin: got any dog treats?
(14:19:47) GeekoRoamin: I could "trip" and "accidentally" throw one out the window
(14:20:26) ebess: Mm. You could also get your sorry ass fired in some other fashion, if you thought about it real hard. :)
(14:20:36) GeekoRoamin: heh
(14:21:01) GeekoRoamin: I could say I was performing a memorial of 9-11... tribute to all of the jumpers
(14:21:19) GeekoRoamin: "NEVER FORGET!" I would yell after throwing it out
(14:21:30) ebess: goofily twisted, you
(14:21:54) GeekoRoamin: Maybe I could wrap it in an american flag, y'know. Make it a more tasteful display of patriotism.
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