ntang (ntang) wrote,

Best sales pitch EVER

"It is a not-for-profit project, our fund is limited. We can offer $500 (+ a bunch of garlic) for wireless technical assistance on this project."

From:  Jacob Farkas <jfarkas@compufar.com>
To:  NYCWireless <nycwireless@lists.spack.org>
Subject:  [nycwireless] Artist seeking Wireless Network Specialist
Date:  14 Aug 2002 10:11:41 -0400
To all interested,

Shu Lea Cheang, self styled digital normadic artist, engages in
interface building in social/mobile/wireless networks.
will be presenting St(r)eaming the Fields, a field harvesting and
public network project in New York City this September.
With an " After the Crash" scenario , the fields project borrows
the alternative market model of  Argentina's
"El club del Trueque" (Club of Exchange) in designating
organic garlic (harvested in Andes, New York this summer)
as 'credito',  the social currency for a global shared network
in common exchange. Inspired by the global-wise local
development in autonomous wireless networks,  we hope to
work with existing and expanding NYC wireless nodes
in New York City to create urban farm stands for online
garlic credito trading.

The project's online garlic credito trading will launch
on September 1. The street trading at wireless nodes
are scheduled for September 27, 28, 29.

we are looking for a wireless network specialist  to
assist us technically on confirming (or devising)
wireless nodes. We hope to be able to do real media
streaming from the selected locations.

(this site routes our desired wireless nodes for parking garlic truck)

The project is funded by Lyn Blumenthal Memorial fund
for Independent Media ( Lyn is co-founder of Video
Data Bank based out of Chicago Art Institute).
It is a not-for-profit project, our fund is limited.
We can offer $500 (+ a bunch of garlic) for wireless technical
assistance on this project.

please write to
if you are interested.


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