ntang (ntang) wrote,

I'm beginning to scare myself.

I haven't gotten a single comment about the obvious towel wrap'd 'round my neck today. Not one. Nobody has even thought it slightly odd. I think this says something about peoples' perception of me. Half scary and half amusing.

Also, firelegend posted a link to the CNN story on the wedding floor that collapsed, killing 25+ people. The story describes how they were dancing on the dance floor and suddenly the floor just gave way, dropping them and burying several. I read this, and started to giggle.


I scare myself.

I think I definitely count as jaded New Yorker.

In other news, I really like sweet peppers (red especially) on my sandwich. It definitely makes the sandwich. And, hurrah, Blimpie's has them. I'm not used to delis and the like having sweet red peppers for sandwiches, I dunno why. I suppose most must, but I never see them behind the glass.

I think I want a milkshake now. Hmmm. *licks lips and ponders*

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