ntang (ntang) wrote,


Well, you can add marxwise to my shitlist. For those of you new to my journal, I like to point out the especially stupid and bothersome people on LJ. Other members include visions (intelligent, but an utter ass), compwiz (an utter ass), and hinkle (a stupid ass). Of course, you can't forget honorary member, and founder, ntang (smartass).

marxwise posted a stupid post in singleparents - he said he was drunk and thinking of making a booty call, said please help, aim him. I have no objection to people being stupid and drunk in their own journal, but being stupid and drunk in a community (and he cross-posted it, incidentally) is over the line.

So, I called him on it. He reacted childishly, no surprise there, we got in a fight, and then he followed it up with a new post, where he sarcastically apologized, making a few jabs at me. I found he also deleted all of the comments between us, no surprise there either, since that would've made it obvious what a shithead he was being.

Welcome, marxwise! You've just joined a proud and utterly unredeeming society. You should fit right in.
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