ntang (ntang) wrote,


I'm wearing my towel. Are you*?

* - I find it somewhat disappointing that I haven't seen a single other towel out today, and I've passed thousands of people on my commute - I'm in Manhattan after all. Not only that, but of the pictures submitted for towel day, all of the people are at home in a dark room. That doesn't spread the word, that doesn't require any courage or thought, it just requires possession of a towel. Get off your duff, people, and BRING A TOWEL WITH YOU. If you're nervous, carry it inconspicuously, but damnit, don't hide in your room. That ruins the point of towel day. I'm sitting at my desk here, towel over my shoulders. If I can do it, you can too**.

** - You may think I'm a bit weird for wearing a towel, and I am***.

*** - Sometimes you have to be weird****.

**** - Weird is relative*****.

***** - Relatives are especially weird.

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