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Lunch at City Crab

I had lunch at City Crab today. It wasn't bad, and in fact was better than I was expecting.

I got one of the Lunch Express combos - caesar salad, a single (boo) crab cake, and peach cobbler for dessert. It was around $15 for the bunch.

The caesar salad was nothing special, just a caesar salad and not a particularly fabulous one. It needed more croutons.

The crab cake was very good, but there was only one. That's not lunch, that's a snack. I got it with the roast potatoes, which were fine, but nothing special. It came with cole slaw but I thought it could use some tartar sauce or something on the side instead - although there was a sauce drizzled on the plate, and it was good enough. If there were 2, I'd have been much happier. ;)

For dessert I had the peach cobbler, which had rhubarb and some other stuff in it (yum!) and a crumb "crust" on top and was served ala mode. It was surprisingly good, better than I was expecting.

Overall the place was ok. Not a wonderful place, but not bad, but too expensive for my taste. I can get better food for less, although any menu with that much crab on it is a good one, even at those prices. ;)
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