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Movie night

Saw Bad Company tonight with penchantnyc and D and B. We saw it at the Kip's Bay Loews, a promotional pre-screening.

The movie was pretty stupid, as you'd expect from a Joel Schumacher job. The camera work was actually pretty nice, there was a lot of good scenery and some nice imagery, but the dialogue was weak, and Chris Rock is the Worst Actor Ever*.

Garcelle Beauvais, who was on the Jamie Foxx show, had a brief appearance as "the babe". I say that because she had maybe 5 minutes of screen time, and she was naked (not on screen) or in underwear for about 3 or 4 of those.

Anthony Hopkins was good, as always, although he was really cruising through this one. What's sad is that his cruising on auto-pilot is around ten times Chris Rock acting his little heart out. I'd say I don't understand why Hopkins would be slumming in a Joel Schumacher movie, but that ought to be obvious - $$$. Oh, and his character was named Gaylord Oakes. Gaylord Oakes.

Gaylord Oakes.

Anyways, the movie was awfully stupid, but it was fun. The entire first part of the movie was rather weak - aka, it sucked - but once they got past the crappy introductory scenes, the movie picked up and if you could suspend your disbelief temporarily, it was a fun popcorn type of flick.

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