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LOUDSPEAKER: Attention, attention, ladies and gen-tlay-men, the fire drill will be starting in 2 minutes.

Assorted People: What do we do? Where do we go? *annoyed muttering*

S: Hey, D, aren't you the fire warden for the floor?

D: Yeah, yeah. *sigh* So what are we supposed to do anyway?

LOUDSPEAKER: Fire wardens assemble at the east and west exits.

LOUDSPEAKER: If you are working on the East side of the building, and you discover a fire emergency on the East side of the building, you must evacuate by the West exit.

D:</> Oh, ok, it's a good thing they told us that. I thought we were just supposed to walk through the fire.

ALARM: *blare blare squonk annoy flarg loud loud loud*

EVERYONE: *ignore ignore ignore*

MY HEAD: *ache*
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