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Guilty tv pleasures

So I watched the season finale of Fear Factor tonight - I must admit, I've watched the past 4 or 5 episodes in a row, except while in Vancouver, and I really dig the show. It's cheesy, certainly, but there's a certain appeal in watching people horrify and humiliate themselves for cash. I've burst out laughing on more than one occasion, and winced and cringed on several. While the show's pretty brain dead, there's something to be said for a television show that can elicit that sort of reaction in me.

In the finale tonight, they were pitting the winners of the other episodes, last week's semi-finalists, against each other in a final set of challenges to see who would win. I missed the first part, but apparently it involved diving into a tank full of alligators or something similar and picking up some flags or something off the bottom of the tank - the person who collected them all the fastest was the winner. The men had to lie down on a wheel of fortune sort of wheel, and then get spun around and when the wheel stops spinning, eat whatever was on the table of the color the wheel stopped at. The choices were oh so appealing: one table had a cow brain, some pickled intestines or something, and live spitting cockroaches. Another table had a cow rectum, some worms, and two habanero peppers. The third table had a bull's testicle, some live beetles, and one other random disgusting thing.

The final challenge was sort of odd; the contestants were placed on the back of a tanker truck half-filled with water; it started driving and when it hit 40 mph, they had to enter the tanker, get to the other end through the sloshing water, pick up a key attached to the floor of the tanker, get back across and out, climb across the top of the tanker to the front, use the key in a podium, and hit the button to sound the horn. The winner did it in 59 seconds - pretty impressive.

Last week I watched the Friend's season finale. Eh. I can't entirely understand the appeal of friends - if that's the best the show has to offer, I apparently haven't missed a thing.

I watched a couple of shows of ER over the course of the show, and none of them appealed all that much - they weren't bad, but I could certainly live without them, and Maura Tierney's character was rather blah. After loving her character on NewsRadio, it was a real disappointment.

Hmmm... what else... can't think of anything else. I'm sure there's more. Anyways, I've got a bad headache and I'm still feeling a bit sick, so I'm off to bed. G'nite all.

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