ntang (ntang) wrote,

SNL 2002-04-13

Heh, ok, this was a pretty good episode.

A few notes:

Andrew W. K.: er, what? As best as I can tell, they put some people up on stage, injected the lead "singer" with some really scary shit, and then let him lip sync while freaking out on stage. The rest of the band seemed to be there, and actually performing (versus merely convulsing spasmodically). As a whole, watching them perform was very tiring.

The Rock: actually did pretty well - I keep forgetting that pro wrestlers are essentially just actors on steroids who lift weights instead of practice lines. However, he can't sing worth a damn, and they /kept on having him sing/ in his skits. Please, my ears are bleeding - couldn't you just hit me with a folding chair? Also, he flubbed his lines several times, but that was just amusing.

Overall I thought it was pretty funny. I missed the first few minutes, but came in during the middle of a skit where the Rock was playing the Scorpion King - and he had a son (the Scorpion Prince), so they played out the whole family thing, if your family was a family of sword-wielding barbarians. It was pretty good. They had a few other good skits - actually, I can't think of any that weren't at least passable, which is a pleasant change. I have to say, the show seems to be getting better - SNL seems to be having a little renaissance.

Oh, goody, Andrew W. K. is back on - I think I feel an epileptic seizure coming on. I wish he'd at least keep the microphone by his mouth when he's lip syncing, so it at least /looked/ like he was actually shou^H^H^H^Hsinging. God, I wish they'd put that guy in detox, he's scary.

Actually, maybe there isn't any lip syncing going on - I just realized the guy with the microphone doesn't actually appear to be doing anything other than convulsing, all of the singing is coming from the people with the guitars. That's a pretty good gig. Find a band, have them do all the music, then shoot up right before the show and freak out on stage. You get a nice buzz afterwards, a fat paycheck, and all the credit while they do all the work. I wonder if they have any openings, I could use a job like that.

Update: Ok, the show's not actually over, I know, I know. They just cut the last skit off in the middle of it to the ads for no apparent reason - that was pretty funny. And then they cut off the end of the show where they're supposed to thank everyone for everything and run the credits - I guess they ran over. Yay for live television! :)

So now the show's really over. Yeah.

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