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Went to the nyc_cuisine meet (my post).

Today was a gorgeous day - surprisingly warm, and fairly bright and nice. Ah, spring... when people* shed their excess layers and frolic about. Had a really nice time at the meet (I still prefer the smaller ones - 6-8 seems to be the best size), and it was really nice being outside. I get cooped up inside too much.

Oh yeah, and I bumped into a couple of "rl" friends I haven't talked to for a couple of months and said hi, so that was cool too.

Tomorrow, if it's nice, I'm hoping to take the kids out to play in the park (where park == local school playground) and get some more fresh air. If not, well, we'll stay inside and watch some movies and play, I guess. I've got my window wide open, though, and I'm enjoying the breeze.

* - Well, let's be honest, I could care less if the guys walked around in parkas, it's the female of the species that I enjoy watching in spring. ;)

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