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Ok, I'm feeling sicker. I'm going to bed, good night all.

Oh, and for my review: AT&T has a really nice (surprising, huh?) data center. I haven't seen their prices yet, but it's definitely the best colo facility I've seen in Manhattan to date (I've seen maybe 5 in the city, and another 3 or 4 outside of it). It's comparable to the ones outside of the city, and better than several.

Most impressive feature: it's built to be handicapped-accessible, so the cages all have enough room inside and around them so someone in a wheelchair can move around comfortably. Usually cages are cramped; these are wide and, dare I say it, almost airy. Strange.

Also, the facility is apparently one of few in the city that is a bomb shelter, radiation shelter, built to withstand (at least somewhat) a nuclear attack, and capable of going into lock-down mode and becoming a self-contained environment and sustaining 30,000 people for up to 3 weeks - food, water, air, etc. There are a few problems with that - namely, that they only have fuel to power the building for 3 days, but then again, in a true emergency they could shut down all non-essential systems and extend that by quite a bit. They also don't keep 3 weeks of food/water for 30k people stockpiled nowadays, but if they wanted to, they could. Interesting place to visit. I bet it's expensive.

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