ntang (ntang) wrote,

Friends list

Ok, well, I've started to pare down my friends list. If I remove you, don't take it personally, but honestly I just don't read LJ much any more and I can't keep up with everyone. I took several people off and I will probably take several more people off over the next few days.

If it bothers you, well, let me know. A friend recently did the same thing and suggested emailing him to talk about it, so I'll try the same - if it does bug you, email me (ntang@livejournal.com). Feel free to defriend me in return, I don't mind.

Oh yeah, while I'm on the topic - feel free to defriend me even if I haven't removed you from my list... another friend has periodic amnesty days, so consider this mine. No hard feelings, no problems, go for it. And you can have a few days to think about it. ;)

Finally, as long as I've gone this far - so for the people I notice who've friended me recently, I'm curious - why? No answer or no reason is fine, just curious. :)

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