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Faith is a funny thing. When you have it, it's self-propagating; when you don't, it's hard to come by at all.

I think it's important, though - critical, really. You can't be a whole person without it. I'm not talking about Christianity, just about faith. It doesn't even have to be deity-based, you just need to believe in something - most importantly, yourself. Without believing in yourself, you can't really believe in others, and you can't give everything you've got - you need to have more of a purpose, I think, to do that, you have to feel like you're fighting for something. That's what faith gives you. When all else is going to hell, sometimes you just have to believe that it will work out and fight despite all of the odds. Sometimes it's due to a survival instinct, but even that will give out after a while. Faith keeps you going when all else fails.

The only way to really get faith is to take... well, to take a leap of faith. You have to just believe, and take that step. From my experience, when you do believe, things will have a way of working themselves out - and the more you believe, the more true that becomes. As cheesy as it sounds, that positive attitude really does make a difference.

Anyways... I'm going to bed now. Good night, all. Sleep well.

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