ntang (ntang) wrote,

Go Moz!

"Mozilla.org has logged approximately 150,000 downloads of the 0.9.9 Milestone in its first 48 hours on the wire. Interest in 0.9.9 has been so great that we overwhelmed the 100 Mbit full duplex link from ftp.mozilla.org with heavy traffic."

(It seems fine today.)

A few days ago, AOL sent out this message to a few people selected for the beta:

by AOL BETA TEAM | "Hello Beta Testers! The Beta Team is happy to announce the start of a new Beta test -- AOL 7.0 with Netscape Gecko.
The software used in this test is based on the most recent version of AOL 7.0 with Netscape Gecko as its internal browser. Netscape Gecko is an embeddable browser designed to support open Internet standards, and is used for products like Netscape 6.2 and Instant AOL. This Beta tests the functionality of the AOL 7.0 software with Netscape Gecko.

Please Go to Keyword: Beta and visit the "AOL 7.0 with Netscape Gecko Beta" area, to review the documentation and download the beta software. - AOL Beta Team"

An article on Salon about Mozilla:

Go Mozilla! It looks like our favorite open sourced lizard is going to be stomping over ie in a big way - if AOL 8.0 switches to using Mozilla as the browser as expected, that's several million mozilla users practically overnight. Booyah. :)
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