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Things to do...

...a list for me, in the order I think of them.

1.) Finish taxes, send them off to accountant.
2.) Get LJ_Textmessage fixed (well, improved, technically) and send to Brad. Bleh.
3.) Write DNS paper and post on my site.
4.) Update NANS to work with Nagios.
5.) Update the rest of my Netsaint crap to work with Nagios.
6.) Clean up my local boxen, and get them backing up important data (mail spools, web content, custom configs, etc.) onto each other; burn everything to cd monthly (poor man's tape drive).
7.) Set up CVS repository on one of my boxes for working on my projects.
8.) Install new version of PHP on Moosushi when it's released, get squirrelmail back online.
9.) Rewrite gallery script from scratch; move gallery from my home directory to a separate url running on the other webserver (faster and has more disk space).
10.) Clean room, it could use it.
11.) Exercise, at least occasionally.
12.) Add multiple domain support to squirrelmail based off of user/domain. This one will require working on my php, I don't know it well enough yet, I think.

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