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My son is so cute.

He's asleep on my bed, while I sit here working. I wish I had a camera, I want to take a photo of him.

Oh wait, I do, just not a digital. Well, at some point I'll develop the roll and have fond memories.

I wasn't able to spend much time with either kid this weekend. :( Shitty weekend, on-call shit blowing up left and right. I'm really tired, too, things have been blowing up all week and I'm just feeling worn out. It seems like all of the big shit goes wrong when I'm on call. And, AND, if something big breaks when one of the junior guys is on call, they call me anyway. Damn.

I'm going to go get a little food in a minute to keep me going while I work.

Anyway I felt bad for not reading my son a bedtime story, or playing with him much this weekend, or anything, so I figured I'd let him read in my bed while I worked and at least have time near me if not actually actively with me. I know, it's sappy, but I know it makes him happier than being alone in his room (with his brother) and so I figured it can't hurt. I really love the two of them and wish I had more free time for them. Usually it's not so bad, but the past two times I've been on call have been horrendous. I think I'm going to see if I can get some help on the weeks I'm on-call - either hire a baby sitter on the weekends, or see if my parents will take them, or see if my wife will. It's not fair to the kids, I think, they need constant attention at their age, and while I try my best, when I'm on call, I'm not giving them constant attention. When I'm not on call, though, I do well. So it's ok I guess.


Need a little food then back to work and such.

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