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Night out

So, after a mildly depressing day wishing my boss farewell, I decided to hang out with my brother in law tonight.

Oh, but first: we had lunch at Mavalli Palace, which is a very nice vegetarian indian restaurant on 29th. It was a little pricey ($8-12 a head for lunch), but very good.

We started off by walking downtown from my work, and while walking ran into Big Mike from the nyc_cuisine meet. I said hello, and we accompanied him along to the store he was going to, since my brother in law wanted to see the place he got his fangs.

After that, we walked over to Khyber Pass, an Afghani place down on St. Mark's that penchantnyc keeps talking about, and had dinner - pretty good, I thought. We started by sharing an appetizer, mantoo I think (I forget the name) - basically dumplings with sour cream and meat sauce. He had a lamb/spinach/orange peel dish, and I had a chicken/walnut/pomegranate dish. Both were good. I wasn't a huge fan of the bread, though. The total dinner (1 appetizer, 2 entrees, 2 sodas, tip and tax) was around $35.

Incidentally, J, I think it'd work for a small gathering, but I can't see getting more than 8 people in there without splitting into multiple groups, which kinda robs it of some of the point, I think. Maybe 10, if we had reservations and they rearranged the tables to fit us all in.

After Khyber Pass, we went to a bar and shared a pitcher of bass (fucking ripoff, they charge $15 for a single pitcher of bass!), and chatted, and then went up to Union Square and saw the Royal Tenenbaums. It was his first time, my second. I loved it the second time as well, and he enjoyed it as well, although not as much as I did, I think. Still, everyone in the theater seemed to enjoy it, and it was pretty full, and people even clapped at the end.

After that, I headed home.

Now, I'm here.


It was a good night.

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