ntang (ntang) wrote,

Holiday... or not.

So, everyone I know* is off today, except for me.

The express buses, which usually run every 15 minutes or so during rush hour and are often standing room only (they seat 49; the average load is 50-52. I've occasionally seen them go to ~60, to the point where no one else can fit).
Today they ran every 45 minutes or so, and the bus I was on had 12 people on it by the end. (11 maybe? I forget.)

I rode with a couple of (non-Systems) coworkers on the elevator up and one pointed out that it hit him after he left that today was a holiday, a real holiday - the train was almost empty, the korean deli he frequents had decided not to stock up on food for today, etc., and it made him feel like even more a schmuck, having to schlepp in to work today. The other person disagreed, said a lot of people worked today, but I threw my support in with the "no, today's a real holiday" camp.

So, yep, I'm working on a holiday. Bugger all.

* - foreigners and other weirdos don't count.
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