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Valentine's Day

I'd just like to say that I hate Valentine's Day. Even when dating/married I hated it. I hate it even more now that I'm "single" again. (This marks the 2nd in a row I'm gonna be alone, after something like 8 straight in a row* with a significant other. Sigh.)

I really hate all the V-Day spam I'm getting. Not only is it spam, but it's spam reminding me of how pathetic I am right now. I don't need to be reminded that I'm lonely and alone, dumbasses. *smack*

I think V-Day should be banned. (My thoughts go along these lines: if you're single, it sucks. If you're together, you really shouldn't need a night to be "reminded" to be romantic; if you can't find at least one night a year to be romantic under your own steam, there are bigger problems there I think. In short, it's just lame. Cancel it!)

* - most of those were with my wife, which skews things in my favor, I will admit. One of the nice things about being married... or even just in a serious, long-term relationship... you never have to worry about finding a date. You always have a willing date (not every night, of course, but on a general basis), you always have someone that you know likes you, that you don't have to suffer the first-date jitters with ever and can just skip to enjoying time with each other**.

** - Then again, my wife and I enjoyed time with each other less and less as time went on, so I dunno how valid that statement really is.

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