ntang (ntang) wrote,

2 things:

1.) I am stupid*.
2.) I am really stupid**.

* - I'm not generally a masochistic sort of person, but I tell you, I love that blast of sharp stabbing pain you get when you use "too much" wasabi. It rocks. Oh, the beautiful beautiful pain. Oh yeah, baby, hurt me! HURT ME! YEAAAAH! ;)

** - I was bitching over AIM to a friend about the stupid guy behind the counter at the sushi place; he's new, and he constantly screws up my order. They're "minor" ways but they piss me off. Last time he forgot to give me soy sauce or wasabi or something, this time he forgot to give me chopsticks (and I had to remind him of the soy and wasabi... two reminders... one for each...) and so I was bitching about having to use a fork (gaaah!) to eat my inari and then, after finishing, I threw away the container... and found the chopsticks laying under where the container had been.


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