ntang (ntang) wrote,

Ice cream eating

Ok, next informal question.

What weird ways do you have of eating your ice cream, if any? Anything other than just using a spoon and eating it or just eating it out of a cone will probably do.

Here are mine (I don't do most of them nowadays, but sometimes...):
- When I was little, I used to stir my ice cream up until it turned into "soup" and then I'd eat that.
- Sometimes when eating chocolate chip ice cream (the kind with real pieces of chocolate in it, not the kind with those little wussy chocolate flakey things) I'd put each spoonful into my mouth, then suck down the ice cream and leave the chips in my mouth. I'd keep doing it until I finished the bowl and had a massive gloppy mess of chocolate in my mouth, then I'd give it a second to melt and drink it down.
- When eating a cone I'd often eat the ice cream normally, and then when I was about half-way done with the cone, bite off the tip and suck out the rest of the ice cream. Then I'd finish off the cone, or maybe throw the last bit away.

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