ntang (ntang) wrote,

A MMORPG conversation

(Note: this is not an actual conversation, although, in all honesty, it probably could be. It certainly has its basis in several. Incidentally, MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game... if you're familiar with the concept behind Dungeons and Dragons, imagine that... but played online, and instead of with 5 or 6 other people with 2000 other people...)

(For the purposes of this, I'll use four people, Foo, Bar, Baz, and Quuz. Foo and Bar will be your warrior types, Baz your healer type, and Quuz your wizard type.)

Bar: w r we hunting?
Quuz: ww?
Foo: wtf r ww?
Baz: werewolfs
Foo: oh ok y
Foo: you lead
Baz: Bar you lead
Bar: k latch on
Bar: Rdy?
Quuz: gtg
Foo: rdy
(the party progresses to the werewolf village)
Bar: rdy 4 pull?
Foo: wait need buffs
Baz: buffing
Bar: rdy?
Baz: wait
Bar: k
Quuz: let's go! pull one
Baz: wait
Quuz: hurry up
Baz: ok rdy
Baz: if 2 come I mez 2nd
Foo: w do ww drop?
Baz: ww noble drops rares other stuff is just bitz
Foo: k rdy
Bar: pop
Quuz: con?
Bar: red org
Bar: rdy?
Baz: rdy
Baz: will mez
Foo: taunting 1st
Baz: don't nuke 2nd
Quuz: sorry mixed up
Baz: stupid
Quuz: shut up
Foo: help! need heal!
Foo: help! need heal!
Foo: help! need heal!
Quuz: get this thing off me!
Foo: help! need heal!
Quuz: get this thing off me!
Quuz: get this thing off me!
Foo: damnit!
Baz: oom OOM!!
Foo: INC!
Baz: OOM!
Quuz: SHIT#$^
Foo: RUN!
Foo: WHere's BAR?!
Baz: Shit BAR LD!
Baz: LD! LD! RUN!
Quuz: get this thing off me!
Quuz: get this thing off me!
Quuz: #$&DMANITY #$^%#^
Quuz: ^%#!!!S HIT!
Baz: can't run! hld
Baz: #$^! God DAMNIT!
Foo: Shit I died too
Foo: know healer?
Baz: hld up 32 hlr nrby
Baz: asking for rezzes
Baz: damn lost bub
Baz: quuz you idiot
Quuz: Wht?!
Baz: nuked mezed 1
Quuz: screw yo
Foo: shut up
Baz: found healer coming
Foo: koo
Bar: sorry guys what happeneD? went ld
Foo: died
Bar: sorry
Foo: k
Baz: q sux
Quuz: fuc kyou
Baz: still sux
Quuz: bit me
[Quuz has left the group]
Baz: sux

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