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It seems like several of my friends are being tormented by people for no good reason. By tormented I mean all kinds of things, but none of them are particularly good. They're getting mocked, yelled at, their feelings hurt, their statements challenged, their worth questioned... what's up with dat, yo? I think a serious round of ass kicking needs to go around. And how.

I'm tired of hearing friends upset, hearing them question themselves, hearing them wonder what they're doing wrong, hearing them hurt and hurting... not because I'm tired of listening to you guys, but because I'm tired of people doing it to you. This isn't about any one person in particular, although I will admit one in particular did inspire this. It just pisses me off.

When I say I'll be there for someone, to listen, to help, whatever, I mean it. It still bothers me that these things are happening, though. Doesn't change the fact that I'll still be there, of course, it just angers me. Some people need the shit slapped out of them (and no, none of you... well, none of my friends, anyways, I'm not sure if anyone who isn't a friend of mine reads this).

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