ntang (ntang) wrote,


I thought Martha Stewart was bad. There's a Martha Stewart clone on the tv. She looks and talks like her, and has a show like her, but she isn't her.

She's talking about using ice to make floral candleholders to put outside in cold weather. Interesting idea, but it's bad enough when Martha does it. Do we really need a Marthalike?

I'll bet you anything she would still be ranting about making home-made doilies, over a beer in a dark, smoky bar somewhere, if it wasn't for Martha's popularity. How sad is that?

If I ever get a TV show, I really hope it's not just a completely derivative and pathetic copy of someone else's show. If it is, well, I hope I make a lot of money off it, so I can say I got a good price for my soul (or at least my dignity).

On that note... g'nite.
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