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Long, long day. Got back at around 10:30 for the 2nd night in a row. Badness.

Went to the NYSA (New York area System Administrators) meeting, then went from there to visit a friend in the hospital. That's where I spent last night, too. Stayed as long as they'd let me, then caught a late bus and got back late late (i.e. around 10:30 if you hadn't already figured it out). I'll be visiting tomorrow, too, but not for as long, I don't have the energy to do another night like that. Probably just go from 6-7 or something. I miss the boys, too, between the weekend and these hospital visits I haven't really spent any time with them for almost a week. :/ I called them tonight just to talk to them, I missed them. Sigh.

Got bills to pay. Had a few bills dropped on my lap tonight that were totally unexpected, and due just about immediately - nothing like the feeling of being told you need to come up with almost $400 on no notice. Sigh.

So tired. I need a vacation.

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