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Well, ok, now it's starting to worry me. I've been coughing up phlegm the past couple of days, and it's just started having what looks to be blood in it. I'm going to go to the emergency room later, but I need more sleep first, I'm too exhausted to go there and survive sitting there until they get to me without more sleep. After I wake up, I will get dressed and head right over. I talked to one of the nurses on-call at my insurance provider and she says it's definitely sounding bad, esp. combined with the fevers I've been having, and I should get to a doctor or emergency room soon. So I will. She said it might be bronchitis or something similar. That'd be fun. I looked online and there are a LOT of things that can lead to coughing up bloody phlegm, but I'm not showing the symptoms for the "oh my god you're going to DIE" problems so I think I'll be fine, probably just need a lot of medicine and a few days in bed. Whatever it is, I hope they figure it out and stamp it out, because I've been sick on and off for a month now and it's been sapping my energy and making it harder and harder to function. I haven't touched the damn lj_textmessage code the entire time, I've been getting less and less done at work, I've had less and less energy for the kids, I've been spending more and more time in bed or collapsed in a chair, coughing my lungs up. It's really getting to me. Sigh. Sorry for all the whining I've done the past few weeks, it just really tints your whole outlook on life when you feel this shitty for this long. Ugh. Anyways... I'll post an update when I get back, hopefully with a good diagnosis.

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