ntang (ntang) wrote,

The sexchart

If any of you haven't seen it, there's something called the "sexchart" out on the internet, which links together all of the people who've had sex together from some irc channels and other associations. It's rather amusing to look at, and amazingly crafted... someone's got way too much time on their hands, is all I can say.


So the thing is, I know a bunch of people on there; I chatted with them regularly on irc back when I was an irc regular, and I've met several of them in real life as well. Even scarier, I believe I can even link myself into that list, although it's hard to tell as people change nicknames from time to time and sometimes a person's irc nick isn't exactly the same as their usenet nick isn't exactly the same as their real life nickname.

Actually, re-reading the stipulations that only a "wet kiss" is required between people, I'm sure I've got a direct link into that list. That's sort of freaky.
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