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Damned Food

Had inari sushi for lunch today.

For my drink, I skipped the coke and bought a box of jasmine tea from the sushi place, I figured I'd give it a shot. It's yamamotoyama tea, and they're a reputable company. Bleh. Not liking it. Too bitter, jasmine shouldn't be so bitter. Maybe if I add honey, but that's something you should only have to do for a western-style tea, I think.

The inari was ok, but the wasabi was lame - they gave me a big container of it, like a little mini-tub of the stuff, but apparently it was something they had whipped up in their kitchen. It was lame. Too watery, too weak, too bright green, and the flavor was off. DAMN!

So all in all it was sort of disappointing. I'll have to get some real tea and bring it in. And figure out what to do with my box of 15 more jasmine tea bags. All they have here in the office is Tetlea tea bags. DOUBLE DAMN!

And, once again, the wasabi was lame. TRIPLE DAMN!
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