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Well, less than 3 hours to the New Year. I'll post again sometime after it, but figured I ought to say hello. Still feeling sick as hell, but I'll live. Kids are playing quietly in their room, they had long naps and hopefully will have the energy to make it through until midnight without getting overly cranky.

Oh well. Had at least a half-dozen cups of chrysanthemum tea, and a lot of water, and my medicine, as well as some vitamin c and echinacea. Hopefully it'll help. I have to make an appointment to see the doctor, see if there's anything wrong with me, as this is getting a bit ridiculous... I've been sick for almost the entire month.

Ah well. No New Year's Resolutions, methinks... don't really believe in them, they're broken too often. I'd rather just try to do my best in the New Year, hope for the best for me and my family and friends, and see what comes. I try not to plan too far in advance, as things never work out... I prefer to just prepare as best as I can, and take things as they come and deal with them as best as I can. Still, I think this will be a good year. Can't be much worse than this year, right...?

Have a safe, healthy, happy New Year all. I hope all your dreams and hopes for 2002 come true. Love and hugs and all that.

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