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Woke up depressingly early, again. A little before 8 am today, which is better than the past couple of days, but still around 4 hours earlier than I wanted to wake up. I diddled around on the computer for a while, touched up a script at work and did a little work on another (from home, today was my day off*). I got an email from a friend of mine from high school that I haven't seen for something like a year or two, which was cool, so we emailed back and forth then chatted on aim and made plans to hang out tonight. Then I had lunch, took a shower, and played Mario Kart 64 with my son for a few minutes. I was running late, so I had to go right after that.

I caught a bus a little before 4, which turned out to be the ultra-super-alpha local-local bus. As far as I could tell it was going in circles and doing loops around Rutherford** and other surrounding areas, for no apparent reason.

The bus finally got in a little after 5, and that was without much traffic.

I went in to the office, looking for my transitchek, but it apparently was hidden away in the Giant TransitChek Vault, so that was a loss. My boss was about to leave, so we headed out together, and I took the subway down to Chinatown.

We ate dinner in Chinatown, along with a couple of friends of his, one of whom was actually from our high school too, someone I had known but not well. We chatted about various things, but after a while the conversation gravitated towards the situation in Afghanistan. One thing to note: they're all conservative Republicans. I didn't really contribute much, seeing as I've maintained a fairly steady level of apathy towards it, and have supplemented that with a healthy dose of ignorance, as I try not to watch the news or anything like that. So that was interesting.

After that we hopped in a cab and headed uptown to the Lincoln Center Loews movie theater and saw Black Hawk Down, after being met by another couple of friends of theirs. It was surprisingly good, although watching all the foreign actors try to pull off white army-men accents was sort of funny. I don't know why they didn't hire people who actually have, or at least can pull off, that sort of army southern twang. The movie was violent, but not over the top, I thought. It was gripping, I think, is the best way of describing it. At times you didn't want to watch, at times it was horrific, but you couldn't look away. It was a very well done movie, overall, and the actors gave pretty good performances - better than I thought some of them were capable of giving, although no one stunned me.

Of course, that spawned a heated discussion about what happened in Somalia, including talking about how bad a president Clinton was, etc. etc. etc. I didn't really say anything. I'm a moderate liberal and I certainly don't think Clinton was a wonderful president but I didn't think he was a bad one either. It could've been worse, certainly. Again, as I was ignorant of the vast majority of the things they were talking about, I decided to just listen. The group was also a little larger (7 total at this point) than I find comfortable, so I tend towards quietness in that case anyways.

After that we went to a bar. It was funny, the bouncer asked for id from everyone, but when I went to pull mine out of my wallet he took a look at me, and said never mind, he believed me, and waved me past. Heh, I guess the almost-inch-long beard and long, scruffy mustache will do that. The place was crowded to high hell, and smokey, but it had $7 pitchers, so that was that.

I stayed for a little while, had a beer and a hotdog (they serve them for free at the bar, as opposed to the normal pretzels or whatever), felt a little queasy, and left so I wouldn't miss the last bus out.

Nice night out, overall.

* - Look, I'm not so good at this whole day off concept, it's still a work in progress.

** - Home of Giants Stadium, booyah. And also apparently home to a lot of random roads that go in weird circular paths and have bus stops on them.

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