ntang (ntang) wrote,

Food poisoning... bad, or just misunderstood?

So I went to the bank and got some money out, because you know, in my line of work I need a lot of cash on hand.

I don't know what that meant, but it sounded good.

Since I was right near an Au Bon Pain (note: foreshadowing - it ends in PAIN) I stopped in and got lunch - a grilled chicken caesar salad, something I've always found to be dependable and decent from them. Well, I got back, and opened it up, and took a look... it seemed a bit... subdued.

Then I started eating it. The lettuce was wilty and brown, almost brown-red in parts, but crispy in others. Kinda weird. I think it was because the croutons had an extra-large amount of flavoring on them, and it was brownish-red. BUT the lettuce really was brown in a lot of places, and sort of nasty-squishy. I ate around half of it and then threw it out when it started to burn the back of my throat*. Nastiness. I ate the bread, though, thank god I stopped to get the roll you get with it.

Now I'm surprisingly chipper and not overly vomitorious, but I wonder if maybe I'm going to start hallucinating or something soon. Then again, as I told lilhlfpint, I'm feeling pretty good so I must be dying or something.

Actually at this point I'm feeling sort of sick and headachey and wondering if it really was bad, but I'm also surprisingly happy, so that's ok too.

I've got tomorrow thru. Tuesday off, so I've got a nice 5-day weekend to recover from this. Actually, it'd be pretty cool if I did start hallucinating, I've never done that before and I've heard it's pretty nifty, in a sort of freaky bad way. I'm not into that whole drug scene thang, so I need to get my natural** highs where I can, y'know. ;)

* - Some of you might in fact stop eating before the throat-burning part, when you start to notice it going weird... but... well, I paid like $5 and change for this damn salad, so I was going to eat it. Or at least give it a shot.

** - The naturalness of food poisoning is, I suppose, debateable, but whatever.
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