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Mmm mmm good.

Made indian tonight - well, heated it up, anyway. Punjab eggplant, quite good, and white rice with it of course. Wish I had some basmati. And, in a fit of inspiration, I threw in some ricotta on the side - very nice. Cold ricotta (both temperature and taste) along with some hot (temp and taste again) indian food - aw yeah, the best.

Now I'm going to make some inari sushi*, I prepared some sushi rice earlier, gotta stuff 'em with it now.

Inari sushi rocks my world.

And for those who haven't seen his shit, billiam kicks azz. I so want to be him when I grow up.

I'm going to go make my inari now.

* - I get the dofu packets pre-made, so all I have to do is stuff 'em. It's enough of a pain having to do that much. Although one time I just got tired of stuffing them and just put the rice on top, heh. ;)

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