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St. John's

The Cathedral of St. John The Divine burned today. It's one of the largest churches in the world, and I think it's the largest in North America, perhaps even the hemisphere. It's big, it's beautiful, and it had all sorts of historical and religious artifacts and pieces of artwork. Many of them were destroyed.

Seeing it in the state it's in... it's horrifying. I want to cry. I loved that cathedral, it was so beautiful, so important. This city has been through so much in the past few months, and no aspect of our lives has gone untouched. Even for those non-Christians out there, it still served as a piece of history, as an art museum, as a symbol of remembrance and tolerance, and as a source of pride.

Fortunately the walls were stone, so the cathedral itself didn't take much damage. It was mainly the things inside - the art, the tapestries, the exhibits, that were destroyed. It's terrible, but I know we were lucky, it could've been so much worse... and it survived. I suppose in some ways that's something to be thankful for. They're even saying it'll be open again for the Christmas concerts and services.

I guess in some ways it's like a symbol of what's happened to us recently. It suffered a terrible tragedy, was horribly injured, but it survived. It was too strong to be pulled down by this, it was too big, too determined... just like the city it's a part of.

I hate what has happened to us, but all I can say to the world is, you've taken shot after shot, and you haven't beaten us. You never will. New York is the greatest city in the world, and we love this city with all our hearts. You'll have to kill every single person in the city, and every single person who carries a piece of it in their hearts, if you want to kill New York City... and there aren't enough bombs and bullets and planes and murderers and terrorists in the world to manage that one. So fuck you, and fuck your terror, and fuck your hatred. You can't beat us.

I should stop there, I suppose, end it on a high note... but... I just wish it would stop. I really do. Just because we won't let ourselves be beaten doesn't mean we want to be hurt. I'm tired of seeing my home attacked and burned and screaming in pain. How much do we have to go through to prove ourselves? When does it end? I'm tired.

I know, a lot of people have it worse in the world. I know, I'm terrible for whining about our problems when so many people are starving and dying and being killed and tortured and raped and beaten and whatever else. I'm sorry. I'm just tired of this.

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