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Another uneventful day today. If anything noteworthy happened, I'm too tired to remember it.

Tomorrow I have to be in at 7 am to swap shelves on two of our netapps; netapp1 is 93% full and netapp2 has a shelf that isn't even being used. So, the shelf moves to netapp1, and netapp1 stops being so damned full.

The problem is getting in at 7 means being on the bus at 6 means waking up at 5 or earlier. I'm going to attempt to go to bed now - I'm so tired, I just might make it. It's been a long day (nothing bad, it just has) and it's been a long month.

Oh yeah, one eventful thing - got the kids their Christmas presents! Wooo! There goes a whole bunch of money I couldn't afford, but it was worth it. If I can't get further into debt for my kids, who can I get into debt for? ;) I hope they like them, they should. I went the "lots of smaller gifts" rather than one or two huge ones, as I figure quantity often means more to little kids than quality, and quality is subjective - the $100 toy/game/whatever often doesn't provide 10 times as much entertainment as the $10 one, and sometimes it's even the other way around. I chose things I think they'll like regardless of the cost (and believe you me, I didn't exactly skimp - considering how much money I have to spare I spent a lot on them). I'm still not even sure I'm done - I may yet pick up a few more small things, just to round it out. They're a bit one-sided, they could use a little more variety in their gifts, I think. I hope they like them. :)

This sort of thing makes Christmas worthwhile - I hate the commercialism of the season, but just thinking of the excitement the boys'll show on Christmas morning when they tear into their gifts is putting a big grin on my face. I guess it's not all bad. :)

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