ntang (ntang) wrote,

Indie Rock Pete

Ok, I absolutely adore Diesel Sweeties (a very excellent web comic).

Recently, a special mini-series came out starring the man we all know and love, Indie Rock Pete. The problem is, it SUCKED. The entire time I read it, I kept eagerly wondering "Ok, when does the good part start? Huh, huh? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

Now I find out it was a huge cosmic joke, as there simply WAS NO GOOD PART. It had moments where it verged on being good, but always fell short. It was written and illustrated by guest stars, and what a woefully inadequate job they did.

DS, the original comic, is always 4 panels, short, and sweet. It expresses the joke exquisitely, through a subtle raised eyebrow to illustrate the double-entendre punchline, a brief panel devoid of text to make you pause, whatever. It's funny, it's interesting, and it slowly develops some loveable (if sometimes shallow in an amusing way) characters. The illustrations are done in a wonderfully pixelated way (on purpose) and are direct and easy to understand - they're very comic-strippy, but it works really well.

The Pete miniseries was none of those things. It was long and meandering, with much too much dialogue, most of it not especially well written, and artsy sort of illustrations that might work well in some strips but not one about Pete. There was never any punchline, and never any laughter, but they still managed to avoid any real character development. It was almost depressing, at times, and never laugh out loud funny as DS can be. It was a huge disappointment - it didn't do anything well, other than waste time and a cool domain name.


Next time, I hope Mssr. Stevens has a more direct role - like writing and illustrating it himself. Blarg.
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