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I feel vaguely guilty for not doing much (any) work on LJ::TextMessage recently. Been so busy and so overworked, though, and frankly I'm annoyed at the almost total lack of help from the volunteers in the community. I don't mind people just watching and not helping, but I do mind when people volunteer and don't do jack shit, which has happened several times.


This weekend if the kids are quiet I'm going to put some work in and probably release it as-is; if something's broken, people can report the bugs.

AARRGGHHH bloody pot smoker's back at work again. *slams window angrily* Stupid fucker.

I'm really worn out. I need a break desperately, work's been a nasty mofo recently (bad week to be on call) and home life has been ok but tiring. And my personal life has been rough, to say the least. This whole separation and divorce bit is for the birds. It bites. I don't mind getting divorce; I mind the legalities, I mind the fighting, I mind the loneliness* that ensues from it.

* - Not everyone believes in remaining faithful during a separation, but I do. 'nuff said.
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