ntang (ntang) wrote,

More anti-Segway thoughts

wyliekat brought up an excellent point in response to my mini-rant about the Segway right here:


(Hopefully I got that link right, I typed it by hand...)

To summarize: the Segway is useless in climates where exposure to the elements is a bad thing. (For instance, rain, cold, etc.) I then also added in some comments about other things that make it less useful...

Really, it's a nifty thing, but in the end it's just a really nifty scooter and nothing more. They already had powered scooters, this one is just like an environmentally-conscious, deluxe-accomodation, yuppified* version of those. Nifty, but that's it.

Funny how the more I think about it and talk about it the less impressive it seems. At this rate I'll be joining in the crowds of people badmouthing it soon. Hmmm.

* - It really is a toy aimed at yuppies. Don't believe me? The first one is coming out at $8500, and they eventually are planning on releasing a low-end model for "only" $3500. That's a hell of a lot to spend on a damn scooter.
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