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Damnit. I was working on making some changes to the BRONC setup here (we have a custom chef and Grapher.pm to make our page look all nifty) and I accidentally overwrote the wrong chef file and now I have to try to recreate someone else's work from scratch, just knowing what it came from and what it plugs into.

(i.e. if you have a three step process, and you know A and B are the input and C is the result, I'm trying to create B from scratch... but B isn't just a value, it's a freaking perl script that interacted with perl script A to output html C.)

If I didn't have a headache before I think I will soon. Sigh. I hate doing stupid things like that.

Update: Thank God, my boss found a backup of it. It wasn't as different as I feared, but still, much easier to just recreate from that rather than from scratch. It works now.
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